Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Ethiopian Foundation

April is Application Month for The Ethiopian Foundation. Refer a High School Senior or Undergraduate College Student for a Scholarship Award Fund. Student must have an above average GPA level, be a resident of the DMV area, and write a personal statement letter. To request an application, send an email to or request via postal service at P.O. Box 2331, Fairfax, VA 22031.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Ethiopian Kids Hack PC

Ethiopian village kids hack PCs with zero instruction. 

How amazing that Ethiopian children were given free Android tablets that were wrapped up and left in a box. The donors wanted to try this experiment to see what the children would do. They expected that as children, they would want to play with the box but instead they turned it on and found the solar chargers for providing power. They started learning English and then taught their family, after several months. The experimenters are amazed that they hacked into the Android with a literacy rate close to zero. They even figured out how to use the camera and the game/ learning software on the tablet. To read more on the article see here.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Let the Funds Roll In.

Fundraising has begun for the scholarship program. This year we have our first female recipient. I am learning so much as the founder. I decided to write a few tips off the top of my head.

1. Inspire by doing more work than everyone else.
2. Board Members are inspired by being decisive and following through.
3. It's okay to get member's input and give them credit when you apply their ideas.
4. See ahead.
5. Be honest with yourself.
6. Have integrity for the finances.
7.  If you believe in what you are doing you will have to beg.
8. Write everything down and be organized.
9. If you have close friends or family on the team, expect some criticism.
10. You don't have to have only face to face meetings, a email work just as good.

Say a prayer and wish us luck in succeeding our goals.

 Our Trip To Ethiopia

Sunday, September 2, 2012

MH Community Forum's reply.

Here is a message sent out from the organizer/facilitator of the Mental Health Community Event. She sent this message after I gave my feedback to the email group. 

{Hello Petrina,

Thanks for your encouragement!! I will definitely give you a heads up when the full program is uploaded on the web site. Everyone involved has agreed that this dialogue needs to continue, and so I will be sure to keep you posted.

Thanks again!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mental Health Community Forum 2012

I attended a wonderful gathering of health professionals who were concerned for the Mental Health Status within the Ethiopian Community. The topic of discussion was Mental Illness and Suicide. The program was on August 25, 2012 in the Washington DC area.

I loved hearing the speakers as they were diverse in skill set among the many Universities such as George Mason and Harvard, The Department of Mental Health, Department of Family Medicine in Chicago, Counselors in Charter schools and Directors of Education within the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. All of the speakers did an excellent job. It was put together on short notice due to the urgency of awareness as this week alone; there was a planned funeral service for two brothers who committed suicide. 

Two very special people took the podium and all media was turned off for confidentiality. A young woman and man were able to draw in the audience, explaining their story of depression and difficulty in coming to this country and wanting to end their lives. It was a moving time. I cried. The facilitator, Tseday Aragie, gave members of the audience a chance to respond. I was able to share my thoughts as a health care clinician.

From being married and living within the culture, it has become clear to me that the family unit is such an integral part of each member's lives, that the family should be educated on the signs of Depression and Suicide. I also recommended a directory for contacting health care professional who are Ethiopian and sensitive to cultural needs. There should be a website on mental health specific to Ethiopians, with articles form other Ethiopians to break the stigma associated with having a mental or emotional illness. Lastly, an Ethiopian yahoo group sent an invitation for this event. (I get to be an invited member because of my husband). I suggested a similar group to be made for persons with mental health issues who can log on with alias names, for confidentiality. 

I can't wait to attend the next gathering updating the community on breakthroughs and results from implementing the feedback.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Will, Jada and Charity: Water

charity:water does it again. Humanitarian giving is courageous. How nice of them to combine their birthday's to help Ethiopia.

Read more: Smiths visit Ethiopia for Charity.
"Our trip to Ethiopia with charity: water was an incredibly eye-opening and authentic experience," said Smith.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Young Humanitarian Hearts

My children have such caring hearts for animals especially my youngest. His love of animals does not just stop at caring for birds, insects, dog and cats but humans as well. He cried for 6 hours, off and on, when he saw a homeless man standing on the side of the highway, holding a sign for donations. This was just a week ago. We couldn't stop him from crying the whole day because he felt so sorry for this man; regardless of our best efforts. He is the same child who is selling rocks to feed children in Africa. We almost went for broke on our trip to Ethiopia, with our children. They could not understand why we did not give every child who held their hands out, some Ethiopian Birr or coins.

My youngest wanted us to adopt as many as possible which my husband and I have discussed in the past. Since we have two Ethiopian boys by birth, why not adopt an Ethiopian girl. My sons think it's a great idea which surprised me because they didn't mind having another girl in the house. My hopes is that they will continue to have such caring hearts and become actively involved in humanitarian work. The world needs more of us.

Mission: Rescue fallen baby birds from ground during summer heat wave.